By Sylvia Cedillo

            On Thursday, September 23, the City of Prairie View’s Planning and Zoning Committee met before a packed room, the majority of whom were Latino community members.  The meeting coincided with the Prairie View Police Department’s “Meet Our Police Officers” reception at City Hall.  The chief topic of discussion involved a proposed rezoning of Villa Capri Subdivision from single family homes to manufactured housing.  Villa Capri Subdivision is located near East Texas Precast, Ltd.  Numerous homes there continue to exist without proper water and sewer connections.  A nearby lift station is in need of repair to the detriment of residents affected by the odors. 

            Participants commented that, despite being zoned single family, prior administrations had allowed them to locate their manufactured homes in Villa Capri.  Others noted that arbitrary policies about location of manufactured homes created confusion in permitting or refusal of permits.  Mayor Brian Rowland outlined several proposed initiatives for moving forward with the rezoning, much of which involved studies and planning.  The planning will help with proper infrastructure development.  He announced that the Prairie View City Council would be taking up the zoning change before the end of September. As only part of the mayor’s statements were translated to Spanish, a request was made that he offer simultaneous translation for future meetings on Villa Capri.       

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