By Sylvia Cedillo

            On Wednesday, September 22, the Prairie View’s City Council met with all members and the mayor in attendance.  Public comments included invitations for Council’s participation in the City’s upcoming Hispanic Heritage Festival.  The festival marks a tribute to the growing Latino community in Prairie View and recognition of Afro-Latino connections throughout Mexico and the Americas. The council addressed only one agenda item of the fifteen listed before adjourning at 8:25pm.  The remaining agenda items were carried over to the next council meeting, raising concerns about the sometimes four- and five-hour long council meetings that have become a pattern. 

            J.J. Johnson, the city’s financial adviser, presented a workshop that prompted discussion on salary and wage increases, continuing questions on the use of crime control district funds for police operations, and requests for more information how the proposed $2.5 million in grants will affect the budget if not received.  Mr. Johnson reminded the council that they must adopt the 2021-22 budget before the end of September.  The next City Council budget meeting will require a super majority to pass the budget.    

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Retired Professor of Nursing Education WCDC 2nd Vice President

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