Prairie View residents face an upcoming special election November 2 to renew its Crime Control and Prevention District, a taxing district managed by a board similar to the county’s Emergency Services District.  The election is required because the district is dissolved on the fifth anniversary of its inception if a referendum for continuation or dissolution is not held.  Many cities around the state have similar districts.

            The district, funded by a .0025 sales tax, is intended for programs such as block watch programs, senior citizen community safety programs, and drug and alcohol awareness programs.  Voters approved the district in 2006.  The Texas Comptroller reports that in Year 2019, the tax raised $193,000 for crime prevention for the board to disburse.  In Year 2020, due to Covid 19’s impact, the district revenue was only $116,000.    

            The Crime Control and Prevention District has built-in accountability measures that include an annual budget and audit requirement.  Like other municipal bodies, the district’s board must prepare an annual budget and publish that budget prior to the City of Prairie View’s approval.  By law, all of the board members must be residents of the municipality.  The newly appointed board met to approve the 2021-22 budget on August 16.  The City Council met August 30 to amend the Crime Control and Prevention District Ordinance and to approve an election services provider.


By:  Sylvia Cedillo : 979-633-3120 ext.0

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