Perry Town Hall Brings a Crowd

On Saturday, August 21, Prairie View Council member Waymond Perry hosted his inaugural town hall meeting to a packed room at Victorious Believers Church in Prairie View. The lively audience reflected the Prairie View community by race, ethnicity, gender and age. The two- hour town hall ran smoothly, as participants had opportunities to submit written questions and question Council member Perry directly. Questions ranged from inquiring about the City’s infrastructure to asking about amending the City’s Charter. Midway through the meeting, participants completed a 10-question survey. The survey included identifying the top concerns about the City of Prairie View to rating interactions with City Hall staff for their courtesy, helpfulness, and efficiency. The survey also inquired as to whether or not individuals participated in City Council meetings and, if not, why.

Council member Perry was praised for his agenda which also included time for public comments. Those in attendance welcomed this in-person interaction with an elected leader. For months, Prairie View’s City Council has conducted its meetings via teleconference and will not commence in-person Council meetings until mid-September. Council member Perry’s next meeting is tentatively scheduled for October.

For more information contact: Sylvia Cedillo, 979-633-3120 ext.0

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